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With our expertise in omnichannel marketing, we are equipped to orchestrate impactful campaigns for the launch of new drugs and medical instruments

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Digital Marketing Toolkit for pharmaceutical companies

Digital Marketing Toolkit

The toolkit is meticulously crafted for the successful launch of new products, bolstering digital presence, and raising disease awareness.

XiaoHongSHu Marketing to engage with ladies and the Chinese community

China Social Media Marketing

XiaoHongShu (RED) is our recommended platform as this is the very unique social media platform that covers over 10 million Chinese readers who are eager to try and adopt medical and aesthetic treatments or products.

Media Optimisation for pharma companies

Media Optimisation

Leveraging our expertise, we meticulously source, screen, and select suitable media news publishers to maximise reach and awareness for your campaigns.

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Common Questions About Marketing New Medical Products

What service do you offer to promote a new medical product?

We can help digital strategy consultation, social media management and content marketing for awareness among healthcare professionals and the public.

How do you help in content marketing?

Here are some tactics: webinars or seminars given by key opinion leaders; medical content development for SEO and social media marketing to targeted audience

We are planning a launch in different markets in Southeast Asia, are you able to help?

Certainly. We operate on-the-ground teams located in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Greater China Area, where our skilled staff are proficient in creating content in native languages and engaging with local specialists.

How to start a content marketing strategy for a pharma company?

All content should be tailored to the needs and interests of your target audience. It should provide value.

And of course, all content should comply with industry regulations and ethical considerations to maintain trust and safety.

Should I get healthcare professionals involved in a marketing campaign?

Doctors are trusted figures in the healthcare industry. Their testimonials carry significant weight. Patients and other healthcare professionals are more likely to trust information coming directly from a healthcare professional.

How can I measure the success of a medical marketing effort?

You may refer to those following metrics to measure the campaign’s KPI: traffic by source, visiting duration, bounce rate, exit rate and conversion rate (transaction or lead generation).

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