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Avellino Universal Test

Enhancing Eye Health Awareness: Genetic Test as a pre-LASIK Precaution in Southeast Asia

Avellino Lab Korea, a pioneer in genetic diagnosis, has introduced a groundbreaking test: Universal Test to detect corneal dystrophy, focusing on key markets such as Singapore and Hong Kong. Recognizing the challenge of raising awareness for a lesser-known condition like corneal dystrophy, the strategy involves leveraging content related to popular laser eye surgeries like LASIK and SMILE to advocate the importance of pre-genetic testing.


Avellino Universal Test
Avellino Universal Test

The primary objective is to increase public awareness of corneal dystrophy, positioning it as a potential side effect and complication of laser eye refractive surgeries. By integrating information about corneal dystrophy within content related to LASIK surgery, the aim is to educate the audience about the disease and the significance of undergoing pre-genetic testing.


  1. SEO and Search Ranking Strategy: To reach a wider audience, the focus is on optimizing content related to LASIK surgery to include information about corneal dystrophy. By enhancing search engine visibility for LASIK-related keywords, the content will serve as a gateway to educate individuals about the genetic testing available for corneal dystrophy.
  2. Content Marketing Campaign: A comprehensive content marketing strategy will be implemented to create informative and reliable content about LASIK surgery, its potential complications, and the importance of genetic testing for corneal dystrophy. By providing valuable insights and guidance, the content aims to engage and educate the target audience.
  3. Collaboration with Healthcare Professionals: Establishing connections with doctors in Korea who can support and promote the adoption of the Avellino Lab Korea’s Universal Test for corneal dystrophy will be crucial. By engaging healthcare professionals, the initiative can gain credibility and trust within the medical community, leading to increased adoption of genetic testing for early detection of corneal dystrophy.
  4. Multiple language support: our medical content team can compose English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese for a wide range of audiences. 


Avellino Lab Korea’s initiative to raise awareness of corneal dystrophy in Southeast Asia through a strategic approach that integrates information within LASIK-related content demonstrates a proactive stance towards promoting eye health and genetic testing. 

By leveraging SEO, content marketing, and collaborations with healthcare professionals, the campaign aims to educate the public about the risks associated with laser eye surgeries and the importance of genetic testing for early detection and prevention of corneal dystrophy.

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